Today’s world is very stressful and many things can work against a healthy mood. Depression, anxiety, and chronic stress can take their toll on your body. But essential oils can help to support good mental health and help improve your mood.
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There are several oils that help with depression. One of the most commonly used essential oils is lavender. It can help to reduce your stress levels, improve your sleep, and feel more relaxed.

Chamomile is an essential oil that can also improve your sleep and help you to relax at the end of the day. Ylang ylang can be diffused into your room to help release negative emotions that can be damaging to your mental health. It can also help you to relax and fall asleep faster.

Bergamot is a citrus essential oil that can help to stimulate your sense and improve your mood. It helps to improve your blood circulation and improves your energy as a result. It can also cause your pulse and blood pressure to decrease to protect your heart health.

Essential Oils for Anxiety
Anxiety can keep you feeling worried, stressed, and make it impossible to rest or relax. But essential oils can provide relief from anxiety and help calm your body and mind. Lavender is effective for anxiety just as it is for stress.

But another essential oil you will find helpful is rose. Rose essential oil has been shown to help relieve anxiety and is especially helpful for anxiety related to grief. If you experience panic attacks, rose essential oils can be very beneficial.

Frankincense essential oil lends itself to calming the body. It has long been associated with spiritual peace. By using it in your aromatherapy practice you’ll enjoy a quieter mind.

Essential Oils for Chronic Stress
Chronic stress is almost impossible to avoid in the modern world. And what’s even worse is that it can cause your body to experience high levels of inflammation and fatigue. But essential oils can help to reduce the effects of chronic stress.

Vanilla is a scent that often evokes comfort. Health clinics have experimented with vanilla scented air diffusers and found that patients experience less anxiety when they’re used. It’s definitely worth trying at home.

Lemon balm essential oil can be used to relieve anxiety that is related to stress. Additionally rosemary oil can help to decrease cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes inflammation and weight gain due to chronic stress.

Clary sage is an essential oil that is best used for helping you to relax and find balance. It can decrease the physical effects of stress and help you to have a better mood.
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When it comes to improving your mood, it’s a good idea to have these essential oils on hand. Keeping a small case of important mood enhancing oils can help you to be prepared for any problem that comes your way.

You can use them in a diffuser to help reduce your stress all day at the office or in your home. If that’s not an option try purchasing a personal diffuser that you can wear.